Laminating ID cards

Lamination is something that has more appreciation now than ever before. It is a great option for various products, including ID cards. However, you need to choose professional laminating services to get the results you desire.

Let’s say you’ve been seeking an ID card printer. If so, you may be aware that choosing the right one with the proper features to meet your demands is a formidable task. Chances are your ID cards will need to maximise durability and security. In this case, multiple vital printer functions/features need your attention.

Pay attention to lamination

Laminating servicesOne thing you need to look at here is lamination. In PVC/plastic ID badge and card printing, laminating is a secondary procedure. It employs pressure and heat to introduce a clear layer of polyester film over the card’s exterior. This provides a number of benefits.

Most importantly, the laminate film functions as a barrier. It safeguards graphics, text, and images from everyday fading and wear. Also, it maximises protection and durability from abrasion. It is the same for dye-migration, colour fading, and UV radiation. This allows cards to put up with heavy daily usage. They can handle some occasional negligent treatment too.

How does lamination help with ID cards?

Lamination prolongs ID card life. It does so by enhancing scratch resistance and keeping them safe from wear. The text and images stay true to colour for years compared to standard cards. This extra protective layer enhances durability.

In addition, the laminate makes it more difficult to counterfeit or tamper with cards. It amplifies security, provides superior protection, and lowers forgery risks. Speak to us if you need the best laminating services.

Lamination is often an upgrade option for various high-level direct-to-card and retransfer ID card printers. These can laminate cards using upgradable modules. They can come with single and/or dual-sided film. Card printers with this capability can introduce it during the standard printing procedure.

Can lamination help your organisation?

Laminating is normally suitable for any situations that demand long lasting ID cards. Examples include student and employee IDs and driver’s licenses. Furthermore, card holders could work outside. If so, they might leave cards in wallets or vehicles. Here, laminate is essential. It will ensure they have longer lifespans.

Laminate also works well for frequently swiped access control and payment cards. The regular use can easily damage a card if it has no additional protection. A clear laminate film can protect against it.

Lastly, you’ll want lamination to stop card forgery, duplication, and tampering. If you need hard to duplicate, secure ID cards, use holographic film.

ID card issuers that use lamination

To finish, we’re going to provide some examples of ID card issuers that use lamination. Firstly, there are port and airport authorities. Laminate safeguards the IDs from harm. This is due to exposure from rain and harsh sun for those working in tough environments.

Next, we have universities and large institutions. Lamination helps constantly used cards endure. This is with on-campus employees as well as students that use their cards many times every day.

Then there are governments. In high-security settings, authenticating government IDs becomes more reliable and simpler. This happens by introducing an extra layer of security. We’re talking about holographic overlaminates.

Finally, there is the military. Custom-size overlaminates protect cards used and displayed daily with embedded electronics. Smart chips are an example of these.

We’re a leading authority for laminating services

At Foiling Services, we’ve worked hard to become a leader in lamination. Our team understands the inner workings of this process. We’re aware that there is always a chance to get it wrong. But, we are extremely careful and plan each project to get the finest results.

So, if you need our laminating services for anything, get in touch today. We’ll advise you.