A look at full-cover hot foil stamping

Businesses have a tricky conundrum to deal with when it comes to packaging. They need to make it stand out and achieve a strong impression. However, they also need to look at sustainability and their obligation to protecting the environment. Foiling services can be the perfect solution here. This is the case whether you choose full-cover hot foil stamping or smaller, subtle elements.

What we want to do today is have a closer look at full-cover foiling and what it means. We’ll also showcase why it is a better alternative to leading decorative methods.

What is it?

Foiling servicesAs you can tell from the name, the stamping applies hot foil to the entire cover of the product. It delivers a fantastic, seamless finish. You can use it for various types of packaging, from cosmetics to labels.

The great thing here is you have a huge amount of choice. When most people think about foil they probably picture silver cooking foils or gold. However, there is far more to choose from than that. You could go for different metallic colours, including red, green, blue, and more. Or, you could choose specific finishes like brushed metal or wood. There are even holographic foils. You can apply each of them to the entire product.

You also have more customisation options with foiling services. If you go for full-cover you can choose to print with or without branding, letting, or graphics. So, your products can be entirely bespoke.

A better option than metallization

The traditional option for many products is metallization. Here you physically apply a thin metal coating to a product. There are lots of ways to do it, so it can work for different products. It can offer several benefits, including enhancing the aesthetics and providing protection against the weather and impacts.

If you compare metallization to full-cover hot foil stamping though, the latter is a clear winner. For one thing, it is cheaper, making it more accessible. This is great news for businesses that need to produce a lot of packaging.

The stamping is also much better for the environment. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it requires far less energy. Secondly, there is no solvent use. Plus, the foils are thin so there is no impact on recycling. In fact, if you choose the right foil everything is recyclable, including the transfer film. Look for products from Kurz if you want the best options.

You also get a faster time to market. It takes longer and requires more effort to set up for metallization. Stamping is quicker and easier, making the whole processes efficient and getting goods on shelves in a shorter period.

Do you want to try foiling services?

Whether you want to jump right in with full-cover or just want smaller decorations, foiling is a great option. We would be happy to explore the options for you. Our team is one of the leading experts in the UK. As a result, we can look at different methods of applying the foil and a variety of design choices. There are few limitations here, and we always offer exceptional results.

So, get in touch with us today if you fancy foiling services. We’ll find the best decorative method for your business and products.