Laminating films aren’t all made equal

Laminating services are handy because they offer protection and can enhance the appearance of products. If you want these results however, you must work with a team that knows what it is doing. We have been part of this industry for many years. Our people use their experience so that your items receive the attention they deserve.

There is a common misconception when it comes to laminating films; people believe they are all the same. In reality, they differ in terms of cost, quality, and type. The success of your project shall hinge on you using the correct film for the right price. We are going to discuss several films to give you a better idea of their overall value.

Encapsulation or lamination?

Laminating servicesWhat you need to decide first is whether encapsulation or lamination is best for you. It is easy to confuse the pair. Both do function in the same manner. However, the first uses heavier, higher grade films. Consequently, it is weatherproof and more durable. This option might be preferable for your project. It comes in standard Matt, Ultra Matt, and Gloss in multiple film weights.

However, lamination could be the better option for some projects. In this case, the film choice will come down to whether you are printing litho or digital.

With litho, there is a variety of film with seven finishes. They are pearl, leather, linen, anti-scruff, velvet, matte, and gloss. For the top results, you should only laminate this print with litho film.

With digital, there are four finish options between four separate film types. There is Super Digital, Super Digital Plus, Digital Lite, and Digital Trade Lite. Again you get the best results by using films specifically for digital here.

Another important element

One important thing to remember is that film isn’t the sole element that leads to a quality result. You could have problems with orange peel, bubbling, or the films not sticking. If so, chances are it is because of the machine. It is best to turn the equipment on early to get it hot. Make certain it doesn’t run too rapidly either. Contact us if you need first class laminating services.

The wrong stock

Another common concern is using cheap stock. The problem with this unfortunately is that it often absorbs the laminate. That produces a wrinkled look. Begin with a silk, smooth paper, and you will have a far better chance of obtaining a pristine finish.

Careful laminating services

At Foiling Services, we are always careful when providing assistance to customers. Laminating projects in particular can be tricky. They are easy to get wrong. In terms of the finish and adhesion. Using our experience, we make sure that no mistakes are made in such delicate work.

So, if you would like our assistance with laminating services, feel free to call us. We can help you to select a film to get the best result.