Can foiled packaging be sustainable?

Sustainability is one of the most important challenges for companies. One thing they are under pressure to do is ensure that their packaging is as sustainable as possible. At the same time though, they still need to make items stand out. One of the most interesting options is foiling services. A foil detail can enhance all kinds of packaging, from cartons to plastic trays. We are proud to help customers choose the right solutions here.

Can it be eco-friendly?

Foiling servicesWhile there is no doubt that foils can look fantastic, there is some concern about how green they are. Some people fear that by their nature they are bad for the environment. However, this is quite far from the truth.

The thing to keep in mind is that most foils are actually completely recyclable. This means that adding them to packaging should not make it non-recyclable. In fact in most cases you will still be able to recycle them.

The only thing to think about is whether there is a layer of laminate. Sometimes laminates are not recyclable because of the type of plastic. If you are planning to use a foil, you should confirm that it does not have any material that would mean it is not possible to recycle it. There are some really good film free metal foils and hot/cold foils you can use.

Think about the carbon footprint

While recyclability is vital, it is also important to think about the carbon footprint of the foils. Ideally you want to keep this as small as possible. If you do, it will make your packaging greener.

There are two things to look at here. Firstly is how the foil is made. Ideally you want to choose products that are made in the greenest way possible. That means the manufacturer keeping an eye on the energy consumption, use of resources, and more.

Secondly, you also need to look at where the manufacturer is. If you buy foils that are recyclable but they were made in China and need to be transported all the way to the UK, they are covering a lot of miles to get to you. That means they probably have a high carbon footprint. It is better to use materials that are local, or as close to you as possible. Doing so will save on transportation and the environmental impact.

Talk to us about foiling services

As you can tell from our name, we are one of the UK’s leaders in this field. Our knowledge of foils and how to use them is incredibly broad. As a result we are in the perfect position to support businesses. They can ask us about foils, how eco friendly they are, and which will be best to satisfy their aesthetic needs and green goals. We will give them the best advice and suggestions.

So, if you want to learn more about foiling services and how they can help your packaging, please speak to us. We work hard to offer sustainable, high quality solutions.