Is foil printing recyclable?

Using foiling services will allow your items to stand out. Foil is a great addition to all kinds of products, from packaging to labelling, business cards to brochures. You can even add it to clothing, water bottles, and more with the right equipment. It is definitely something worth looking at for businesses.

Confusion over recycling

Several foil printing methods exist, making it a versatile choice for those who choose to use it. But, there is also some confusion surrounding the subject. Many people aren’t sure whether you can recycle or not. Some people believe that you can no longer do this because of the foil. However, unlike crisp packets, which are fused with plastic, paper and card printed foil materials are extensively recycled.

In this post, we will be talking about multiple printing methods. In addition, we will discuss how card and paper you add foil to is sustainable and recyclable. It should convince you that foiling services are the best option for you.

Foil printing goes by the names blocking and hot stamping as well. People use it to embellish marketing items and other products with a metallic finish. This is to give them a premium appearance and draw attention.

How do you perform foil printing?

Foiling ServicesBefore we dive more deeply into the recycling side, we will talk about how you perform foil printing. There are many options, which you can divide into three groups. For every approach, there is a myriad of colours, such as silver, copper, and gold.

Hot foiling is one method. Originally, we made use of a heated die to stamp foil onto a card. This was done with bespoke metal plates for every project. The finish can have a slight texture and embossing from the die’s pressure.

The second approach is cold foiling. It is the natural evolution of the traditional block technique. Here, the metallic paper was backed using adhesive, enabling it to stick to the paper or card. This strategy leaves a minor texture on the metallic foil. It is not as shiny as the other methods either. Speak to us if you desire high quality foiling services.

Finally, there is digital foiling. This is the most recent procedure and obtains quick foil printing with minimal waste. It has greater efficiency since it prints right from a computer file. You don’t need custom stamping plates at all. The result is less waste, a faster turnaround, and no setup costs.

Unlike other foiling services, it you can digitally print items with a coated finish. Soft touch laminates would be a good example. It is preferable for small quantity orders or fast printing foil projects. What’s more, you can use it on any kind of card or paper. It also possesses a consistent, smooth shine and finish. Lastly, it is a dry procedure that is free of solvents.

The recycling side

Now that we know more about the foiling methods, we can talk about the recycling side. Printed foil is so thin that your coating weight will often be less than conventional ink. Thus, it can dissipate entirely during the re-pulping procedure. Due to this fact, you can put it into the recycling bin no problem. The materials can also go in compost.

The Foil Stamping and Embossing Agency also did a study on recycling foil printed materials. They found that every paper product is recyclable, regardless of the printing method. Additionally, they saw that none of these procedures would create issues for separate decorating processes.

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