How much do you know about heat transfer foils?

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You may have never used heat transfer foils before. If so, allow us to tell you a little about them. As the name suggests they are a foil material that can be transferred to a substrate at the right temperature. Other terms for these foils include hot stamp and screen print foil. Currently, they have quite a presence in garment decoration. They’re a brilliant choice if you want genuine metallic touches.

Don’t mistake them for heat transfer vinyl

Something vital to remember about these foils is that they’re not heat transfer vinyl. You shouldn’t cut them in a vinyl plotter/cutter. In addition, you don’t have to weed them. Moreover, they don’t include an adhesive. In these instances, you must put a separate adhesive to use. This is if you wish to further apply your transfer foils.

Due to their design, the foiling is great for short-term wear/use. It’s a good idea to apply them to items you won’t be washing frequently. Examples include pillows, graduation caps, and bags.

You should choose an adhesive specifically for transfer foils as well. There are substitutes you can use if you don’t have these adhesives. One would be trim-free transfer paper. Another would be one colour screen print transfer paper. You might have to peel the liner cold or hot. This depends on the adhesive you go with.

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