Give your product the ultimate treatment with lamination

Sometimes products need a little extra treatment to keep them in great condition. With the help of our lamination services, you can discover why so many people love the work we do.


It can be spills and smudges or tears and rips, but it is easy for items to get damaged. To prevent this, try laminating. This adds an extra layer which acts as a barrier that is very hard to tear. It can even allow for the easy cleaning of dirt and liquids.

High Grade Finish

This is not only a functional addition to your product but also one with an amazing look. The desirable aesthetic comes from the glossy appearance and the lack of any damage. Even if it sees a lot of use, it will continue to look great, pristine and professional.

Lasting Results

Lamination isn’t something that needs repeating time and time again. So, instead of worrying about your items you can have peace of mind that the finish will be around for a while. This keeps the items in question safe from wear and tear and avoids the need for replacing.

So Many Applications

It may be smaller business cards or larger items but many things can benefit from our lamination services. We can adjust our work to provide you with amazing results, discussing what it is that you need for the item to find the best approach.

There are various options that you can try. With our work this includes a choice of colours. In addition there are effects you can achieve such as stone, metallic, brushed and timber. It works on a range of materials too. If you want our assistance, we would love to provide this. All you need to do is contact our team at 01684 575 655.

Trust Foiling Services

With our expertise we are constantly looking to perfect our work. The result is reliable outcomes and an ability to avoid some of the more common issues faced with laminating. When you want to protect your products with premier lamination services, call on us.