How do hot and cold foils work with labels?

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Introducing foil is an efficient way of augmenting the quality of the labels on your goods. Depending on your specifications, you could use hot or cold foil. At times, you might not use foils at all if a metal substrate works the best. There are many out there who are not experts on the subject of foiling. As such, we often get questions about what the differences are between cold and hot foils for labels. For those who are looking at their options, we are going to explain what they are here.

Cold foils

Foiling servicesWe will start by going over how you apply cold foils to labels. We print UV-curable adhesive onto the label exterior in the precise shape of your foil design. Following this, we press the foil onto it, ensuring it covers it completely. Afterwards, the excess foil gets stripped away from those places without adhesive. Lastly, the labels go through an ultra-violet light to cure the adhesive entirely.

Cold foil won’t be able to smoothly lie down on a rough label stock. Thus, the application method should only be chosen for labels that are entirely smooth. What’s more, the procedure of stripping the excess foil away from your adhesive won’t be conductive to designs with extremely fine details. This option works efficiently as an accent to more simplistic label designs on smoother stocks. As a result, it is a popular choice for cosmetic and health & beauty labels.

Hot foils

This requires the creation of a metal die with a reverse image of your label design element that is going to be foil. You place the die above your labels on the printing press before heating it. There will then be a roll of foil between the labels and die. The die presses down, which fixes the foil design to your label’s surface.

Hot foil is perfect for designs with a lot of detail because the die can preserve fine lines with excellent edge fidelity. You can also use hot foils on rough label substances, such as estate papers. This makes it the perfect choice for spirit and wine labels.

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