An easy guide for laminating plywood and cabinets

Without laminate, many items in the home would look very different. If you have any flat pack furniture, it is likely that beneath the outer layer there is plywood. It is the same for kitchen cabinets and some worktops. Your items would be far less aesthetically pleasing if it was just the bare wood. So, you should respect the value of good laminating services.

How to apply it

Laminating servicesThere have been lots of news stories over the last year about people using different kinds of laminate at home. It can help them to get a great new look in any room, from kitchens to the bathroom. It also tends to be very affordable, especially when you compare to the price to replace items.

Most laminates already have adhesive on the back. So all you do is cut the film to size, peel off the back layer, and then carefully stick it in place. It can be as simple as that to get a wonderful look.

You may need to do a little preparation first here. This could involve a quick sand of the plywood or cabinet surface to ensure it is smooth and level. Finish off with a wipe to get rid of any dust.

There are some laminate films that don’t have the adhesive. Here you need to apply it yourself before sticking the material in place. What you should do is cut the pieces carefully then apply the glue. Be cautions; you don’t want to get any glue on the wrong side because it can be difficult to remove and would ruin the look.

Once you apply the glue, you are ready to stick the laminate in place on your prepared surface. You can apply it carefully by hand at first, but it is a good idea to run a roller over afterward. This should help to get a clean, even application.

Think about the edges

One thing to be careful with here is the edge finish. With things like plywood furniture, cabinets, and worktops, you want the edges to look great. It may be better to cut the laminate so there is a slight overlap. You can then trim it to get a good finish. It may not be wise to cut pieces to end exactly at the edge; this could lead to peeling in the future.

Ask us about our laminating services

Lamination is one of our areas of expertise. We can offer services here to suit a wide array of needs. For example, we create everything from packaging to decorative wooden panels and even flooring. We have access to a huge array of high quality laminates, including some exterior products too.

So, if you want some of the finest laminating services available in the UK, speak to us. We are confident we can offer solutions for practically any need.