How can pressure levels influence lamination?

These days, you will find lamination services front and centre in various industries. This is because they have proven their usefulness in a variety of areas, from packaging to composites. We play our part by providing first class services. Due to our understanding of the process, we can safely work on your items without ruining them.

A delicate procedure

Lamination servicesLamination is one of the more delicate procedures for finishing different items. It is possible to encounter several issues. All of them can influence the laminate’s final look too. Being professionals, we have a lot of knowledge of the causes of these problems. One we are going to talk about here is pressure and how it affects lamination.

Users should start with as little tension as they can. From here, it is preferable to add more as necessary. You should do this instead of starting with a huge amount and loosening up. There are many issues that come about with laminated prints due to having the wrong pressure or tension.

Infeed waves

To begin with, infeed waves are mars in the final product that originate from the first image. Said image was distorted somehow prior to going in. For example, there might be a lack of tension on it. As a result, it can fold or be out of alignment when it enters the nib of your rolls.

To prevent this, while feeding the laminator with an image, ensure that it is parallel to your roll. When it gets pulled in, grab the image’s back and hold it taut. Doing this allows you to smooth wrinkles out prior to them entering the nib. As a result you’ll get better lamination services.

Print curl and ripples

This happens when there is an unrolled image that desires to roll itself back up. Some of this is normal. However, the print might not lay flat after a bit of gentle smoothing. If it doesn’t, then there is a problem.

Print curl occurs when the side of an encapsulated image alters its size out of proportion to the opposite side. The print ends up curling towards the more compact side. This can happen if you place a thin and cheap laminate on the back and a heavy one on the top side. In addition, it can happen if you don’t alter the tension to allow for the separate dimensional stabilities of the films.

As for ripples, they appear when you exert too much pressure on an item. This is when it goes through your rolls on its way out of the machine. During this time, the film is still hot. To stop this, you must ensure that the pressure is at the right level for the rolls.

You can rely on our lamination services

At Foiling Services, we can provide individuals and businesses with the assistance they need. We understand lamination better than anyone else. As a result, we know when the process is and isn’t appropriate to use. When it isn’t we can inform you of suitable alternatives.

If you want our lamination services, please let us know. We are happy to help clients choose the right film.