Foiling and lamination in practice

As a leading provider of foiling services, we want to voice our expertise to help you understand what we do. Foil and laminates are suitable for many applications, including the creation of products to use in challenging settings. Additionally, there are many film types for different finishes. This means the materials support creative design as well as improving practicality.

Foiling can produce many different artistic effects. Some of the applications it’s suitable for include enhancing maps, brochures, books, and menus as well as larger items like decor panels and wall cladding. The film materials used not only look appealing, but also provide protection against stains and scratches.

Foil and laminate in operation

Lamination is a useful and clever technique for protecting delicate substrates. For example, the lamination of paperboard and film is possible. The process protects the surface as the film acts as an extra surface layer that is resistant to water and other damaging elements. Moreover, it creates an aesthetic finish due to foil varieties. To carry out the process, adhesive is applied to the film as it’s reeled. The substrate and film is fused using a press. Heat is necessary if using thermal material film.

The process requires the removal of moisture, thus it needs carrying out carefully. When undergoing lamination correctly, the result is strong and flat applications. Along with this, the various adhesives and films available provide special visuals, durability and tactile characteristics.

One of the most common methods for achieving a foil finish is through the application of thermal film. It can create a smooth surface and is easy to run. This makes it a cost effective investment.

Foiling Services can create high quality products to suit various needs. We use an array of techniques to provide the perfect solutions. Not only this, but we can apply decorative foils to metal, wood and plastic applications.

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