Foil faced insulation gave us a new solution

The world is changing, as are its people. We are constantly on the lookout for new solutions. This includes products capable of solving multiple issues at once. It is the same with insulation. Foil faced products are one of the most interesting new developments. They showcase how diverse foiling services can be today.

Before the development of foil faced materials, we had plain unfaced insulation. In this post, we are going to explain the differences between the two. You will be able to understand them better at the end.

Original materials

Foiling servicesWe’ll start at the beginning. Standard unfaced insulation functions by trapping air inside the material. Its purpose is to slow the heat transfer from within your home to the outside. In the past many people chose to buy cheap materials and didn’t pay that much for its installation. There wasn’t really a need for a superior insulating product. The basic products could do their job well enough.

However, thanks to global warming, we have hotter summers and colder winters now. In other words, unfaced insulation isn’t sufficient anymore. We need a better solution to insulate properties effectively. That is especially important because energy prices are now higher too. They mean it is more important to choose quality modern solutions.

Higher bills led to new windows

Another crucial development is higher bills meant people chose contemporary windows that had lower levels of heat loss. This in turn brought us another problem; condensation. Higher moisture levels mean it can penetrate deeper into the building’s structure, including into the insulation and rafters. The moisture can ruin the insulating material.

All of this meant we need better products. Ideally we want a material that reflects heat like a mirror. It also should not let moisture penetrate the structure. This is how foil faced insulation came to be. It is a great expansion of foiling services.

The game-changing material

Foil faced insulation was a game changer. It is a relatively simply idea. What you have is aluminium foil that is bonded to insulation material. However, the result is incredible. It slows heat transfer and works like a mirror, reflecting heat back to where it originated from. It actually reflects roughly 95% of the infrared heat hitting its surface. The rays go back instead of being absorbed, so it is far more efficient.

Furthermore, the aluminium foil can function as a Vapour Control Layer. It is relatively waterproof and not affected by moisture. That means it can ensure insulating materials last longer, even with higher moisture levels with modern windows. Foil faced insulation includes a vapour retarder too. It blocks moisture movement from one area to another.

Whenever you utilise a faced material, the foil needs to face towards your living space. As a result, in a loft it faces downwards.

Work with our team for top quality foiling services

At Foiling Services, we use the best equipment to do all our work. This prevents us from being limited to the normal shades of gold and silver with foil. No matter what pattern or shade it is we are working with, we can find the best way to apply it to sheet material. Our results will be unlike any you have ever seen.

So, please get in touch if you would like to use our foiling services. They are suitable for a massive array of needs, and we are always ready for new challenges.