A sustainable alternative to chrome

There are plenty of car enthusiasts all around the world. Many of them appreciate classic cars because the designs are more unique. They also tend to have more impressive features too, including chrome parts. In comparison, many modern cars can leave a lot to be desired. However, there is an alternative to chromium that looks just as good. What you can choose instead is sustainable foils. They can offer impressive aesthetics and many other benefits.

Vehicle painting

Sustainable foilsThe history of vehicle painting is very interesting. Paint technology wasn’t very sophisticated with the oldest vehicles. As a result, people had to paint by hand and the paints would need touching up every year to address flaking and fading.

Over time there were big improvements in paint. Manufacturers began using varnishes at the turn of the 20th century because they were more durable. However, the drying time was excessive. This led to the development of lacquers in the 20s that would dry faster. There was also the development of paint guns in 1924 to allow faster application.

Since then vehicle paint has been enamel (from the 30s), acrylic (50s), and urethane and polyurethane (80s). Today there is a massive number of options, including sustainable foils for car wraps.


The development of chrome plating has been just as interesting. The idea dates back to 1894, but the electroplating process saw big developments in the 20s. It became commercially viable at this time.

Not surprisingly, there were soon many applications for vehicles. If you look at classic cars from the 30s to the 70s, you can see all kinds of chrome parts. This can include bumpers, grilles, trim, and even small parts like badges and window handles. Manufacturers chose chrome because it offered a luxury aesthetic.


Sadly you are less likely to see chrome parts on modern cars. Major parts like bumpers and grilles are usually plastic now. This makes them more cost effective, can improve safety, and also makes vehicles lighter and more economical. Sadly, it does come at the cost of the aesthetics.

There is a great alternative though with sustainable foils. They can offer the aesthetics of chrome but with all the benefits of plastic. It is also easy and clean to apply them. Plus, if you choose high quality products from people like Kurz, they are better for the environment due to the recyclability.

You can add the foil to a massive range of different plastics. This makes it a viable option for all kinds of needs, including exterior and interior parts. With the former, you can choose foils that will withstand the environment and look great for a long time.

Do you want to use sustainable foils?

There is a lot of attention on the automotive sector to ensure it is more sustainable and eco-friendly. Manufacturers look at all kinds of different things here, including the materials they use and decorating techniques. Ideally they want things that are easy to reuse and recycle. Foil is perfect for them.

So, if you want to use sustainable foils, you can speak to us. We have products from global leaders to ensure you can buy what you need with confidence.