Different uses for laminate panels

For a long time the choice for decorating a home was either to paint the walls or use wallpaper. However, laminate panels now offer a third option that can work for various rooms. You have a huge amount of choice here because laminates can come in a variety of colours and finishes. They can also offer some interesting benefits. We want to have a look at some of the uses, then if you need laminating services you can come to us.

Living rooms

Laminating services

Feature walls can do a lot in the living room. They can make a statement and grab attention. Or they can make the space more comfortable and inviting. It all comes down to the design you choose.

Laminate panels are excellent here. You can choose whatever works for you, from marble or faux stone to woodgrain or any kind of colour. Black with gold accents can be a great choice. You can be as creative as you want to make stunning features that reflect your style.


One of the most interesting uses of the panels is on ceilings. We’ve been using different methods to make them more attractive for years. This includes artex, popcorn, and even wallpaper. However, simple smooth ceilings are the most common at the moment, especially for contemporary decor. That doesn’t mean it is the only choice though.

What can you do here is choose the laminate panels. This can turn the ceiling into an interesting feature. Panelling with woodgrain is a popular option, especially if you have white walls.


People have been choosing laminating services for a long time to improve resistance to moisture. It can work for advertising banners, posters, packaging, and much more. The lamination can provide protection against spills, rain, and more. These same advantages make the laminate panels a great choice for bathrooms. They can be more cost effective and easier to install than tiles.


The bedroom is one place where people typically don’t want to be too heavy-handed with patterns. These rooms are meant to be relaxing. But, they do need to feel comfortable and welcoming. So, the laminate panels can be a good option.

One of the best uses here is as an alternative to a headboard. Instead they can have the panels on the wall. It can be excellent to take them all the way to the ceiling.


Open shelving has become more popular in kitchens. However, many people don’t just want plain walls. The panelling can be a very good idea here. You can install it and then fit the shelves. It can produce incredible designs.

Do you want to use reliable laminating services?

Our goal is to give clients the perfect solutions any time they need lamination. We have access to a huge array of films to suit a variety of needs. In addition, we can laminate an array of substrates. This can include different types of sheets and panels. Whatever you need, we’ll provide excellent results.

So, speak to us about laminating services. We’d be happy to explain what we can do for you.