Are you missing an opportunity with your napkins?

What is one thing you can find in almost every bar, restaurant, and cafe but don’t give much thought? The answer is the napkins. They are essential, but you are unlikely to spend a long time thinking about them. There could be a really great opportunity for businesses here though, especially with foiling services. You could personalise them to ensure they are more memorable and make a great impression. It could also be a good option if you are planning an event, such as a product launch or company dinner.

Make a statement

Foiling servicesNapkins are often just plain with no embellishments. In fact, people don’t generally expect to see any. That gives you an easy way to get their attention. Even a tiny logo or slogan can make them take notice as they reach for their cutlery, a drink, or something to wipe their mouth with. Or you can go bigger and have a pattern or artwork.

The thing to keep in mind is napkins normally only spend a little bit of time in someone’s hands. They are then quickly crumpled up and discarded. However, you can make them pause and really consider what they are holding if you add embellishments.

Gold foil

One of the best options here is to use foiling services and gold foil. You can print or stamp with it to add fantastic details to napkins. Your creativity could be rewarded by making your business more memorable. In fact, if you get it right, you may even find people taking napkins away as souvenirs rather than using and discarding them.

What you need to think about is how to effectively use the foil. Firstly though, you must choose the actual napkin. What type of material do you want? Will it be thin two ply paper ones or more luxurious thicker options? Or will you go for reusable linen? Will they be soft and nice to touch or rough?

What about the colour? Are you thinking classic white or something a little different like black or even pink or navy blue? This is important because you will need to make sure the gold foil either provides a nice contrast or complements the colour.

The design options are fantastic here. You could choose something simple like dots, line work borders, or geometric patterns. Or you can go for elegant artwork or text. Think about how the napkins can elevate the whole setting, especially when you place them alongside nice cutlery, plates, and table settings.

Do you want to try foiling services?

We are proud to be one of the UK’s most creative providers. What we do is give clients access to a massive selection of foils. You can choose any colour that works for you, from gold to rose and more. Plus you can decide on a finish. Whatever you settle on, the foil can make a wonderful impression when you apply it to your products.

If you want to learn more about foiling services, feel free to contact us. We’d gladly advise you on the different ways you can use them as well as the potential benefits for your business.