Aluminium foil has influenced many areas

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Aluminium foil’s origins go back to the early 1900s. Certain sweets were initially packed in it back in 1913. Even today, foil tube is popular for many products. In fact, the uses have grown a great deal in the past century. The applications are nearly endless now. From medicine packets to spacecraft insulation, the foils enhance our lives and products.

Packaging industry

foiling servicesAluminium foil has become a much larger part of the packaging industry. The first all-foil, pre-formed containers became available in 1948. This then grew into the full line of air and die-formed foil containers you can find in supermarkets now.

Nowadays, we separate packaging foil into three main groups. These are household, semi-rigid containers, and flexible. For decades, foil use has steadily expanded into several categories, so it is no surprise you can see it in so many places today.

Food preparation

This is one of the most common uses. Aluminium foil is what is known as dual-ovenable. You are able to use it in fan and convection ovens. One popular use for the foils is to cover meat and poultry to stop it from overcooking. There are also recommendations for using it in microwave ovens in certain ways.


Aluminium foil is 88% reflective. As a result it is used heavily in cable liners, heat exchangers, and thermal insulation. Foil-backed building insulation is able to reflect heat. In addition, it offers users a protective vapour barrier.


Foil in electrical capacitors offers users compact storage. This is for electric charges. If you have a treated foil surface, the oxide coating works as an insulator. You can normally find aluminium foil capacitors in electrical gear. This includes computers as well as televisions.

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