Why you should laminate your items

We use our foiling and lamination services to provide decorative and functional coatings for a range of items. Our team has completed many jobs so we are more than aware of how great these can be for your products. They are incredibly helpful and will improve the material for the better.

Enhanced Look

A laminate finish can provide your item with extra quality in terms of the look. It will also be less flimsy and feel better in your hands. Adding the cover to your product can enhance how vibrant the colours and images are too.

With a business, impressions are everything. You can improve this by showing people your laminated items. They will have a professional sheen that will look amazing and also show that you care for the presentation.


Laminate may be a thin film but it will provide your item with lots of protection. It will be tougher and more durable while looking newer for much longer. This will protect against marking and general wear and tear that comes from both you and other people using it.

Despite these benefits, it will not take away from the design of your items. You can keep everything nice and clean in the long term.

The perfect service

We can provide you with high quality services regardless of whether you are a small business or a national corporation. Our work is affordable and perfect for different base materials, including metals, plastics, and timber. The approach we take involves excellent standards of work and understanding your needs. This ensures you receive personal results that will be highly effective.

We understand the importance of a great finish for your products. This is why we use our expertise to provide our clients with reliable lamination services. We can work with different kinds of products to offer various finishes including foils.

Call 01684575655 if you would like to speak to us. We can discuss your items and what you are looking for. This is as well as providing answers to your queries.