What type of metal die should I use?

Foiling services are what many people use when they want to bring something new to their items. In many cases they will want them to have a more distinguished appearance. With our expert team, you will receive just that. Our people work to obtain fantastic results without damaging your items. We can effectively add foil to many different substances.

When you use the foil stamping process, you have to decide on what metal you are going to use for the die. Multiple critical factors come together to decide which is right for you. The choice will usually be between copper, magnesium, and brass. You need a suitable die to get the best results with debossing, embossing, and foil stamping. You should never just use one factor to make your choice. All the important factors interact with each other. As a result, you need to consider their cumulative effect.

Area of pressure

Foiling servicesOne such factor to think about is the surface area. The level of pressure you need to gain the greatest results will depend on the size of the surface area you are currently working with. Equal debossing, embossing, and foil stamping on a one-inch square surface need less pressure than you would for five square inches.

Depending on what other factors are present, it is preferable to use magnesium on compact areas with smoother papers. For very long runs, heavy textured papers, and larger areas, you should use copper. As for brass, it is better for embossing as well as combination foil dies.

The artwork

Another vital factor would be the artwork. The durability of your dies under pressure should match your artwork designs. For uniformly and bold spaced designs, you need more pressure. To give an example, a solid square demands more than an outline that is the same size.

Unevenly distributed designs and fine detail require less pressure. You can achieve them readily using magnesium too. However, with evenly spaced and bold artwork printed in long runs, they might need the kind of pressure that only copper can endure. If you require any foiling services, be sure to contact us.

Press run length

The last factor we will discuss is the length of the press run. Usually, lengthy runs can lead to erosion in magnesium dies. As such, it is better to use copper for longer runs. Just remember that this is a relative guideline.

There are several elements that actually decide what is considered a long run. Heat, for instance, is one factor that can lower a metal’s durability. Magnesium has been able to reach runs that lie in the upper tens of thousands. You may have a long run with your foil stamping and be using high heat. If so, copper and brass dies might be better.

We want everyone to benefit from foiling services

Our goal is to ensure that the benefits of our foiling work are available to everyone. This includes clients in all kinds of industries. To this end, we provide our assistance for some of the most competitive prices. In addition, we use the best foiling technology to avoid limitations with our work.

So, if you require our foiling services and need to discuss details with us, please get in touch. We can tell you about the various foils we offer, uses for them, and much more.