What is silk lamination?

These days, more people understand the significance of laminate and the benefits it can offer. However, many of them still need a reliable company to do the task. We happen to be the foremost team offering lamination services in the UK. Clients from all over the country come to us because we provide first class results.

A lamination finish gives the user a series of advantages. For example, the object becomes water resistant, more durable, and tear resistant. The laminate also means people are free to handle the item more frequently. There is no need for concern about wear and tear. Sun damage, stains, and creases will soon be past issues too.

Another great thing about laminating is that several techniques exist. One you may want to consider is silk lamination.

What is it?

This practice follows the same principals as regular lamination, coating standard paper with a plastic layer. It does so in order to increase the paper’s strength and resilience. In the process, your item becomes more desirable. Nevertheless, there are distinctions here. For instance, this technique offers a softer exterior. It has higher quality too. This is thanks to the power of the bond between the plastic coating and paper.

Not entirely shiny or matt

The laminate here isn’t entirely shiny or matt. However, it reflects in particular light in the same way that silk does. Due to the finish, the product shall look incredibly stunning. The natural, smooth film offers a premium look.

lamination servicesYou can use silk lamination for book covers, brochures, and business cards. Because it is an adaptable finish, you can give an impressive range of products a clean appearance.

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