Using PVC films

PVC films are regularly used to make packaging for food products because they are lightweight, cost effective and durable. The material is immensely versatile and comes in various sizes and shapes, making it the favoured option for many different products. The main reason it is used for foodstuffs is the fact that it has great organoleptic properties. This means that it won’t harm the taste, smell, colour and texture of the food, ensuring it will last longer.

PVC comes in both rigid and flexible forms so manufacturers can decide what level of rigidity they need. The film is used to make all kinds of labels, particularly for drinks bottles, and films for covering meat, fish, cheese and many other food products. It comes in a range of thicknesses, from a few hundred microns to fractions of an inch.

The PVC film can also be used to wrap other materials to give them additional protection. This is good if you are using a low quality substrate because it means it can be given a better finish and an extra layer of protection. Using films is cost effective; the only downside is they lack texture but they can have all kinds of finished including transparent or opaque.

At Foiling Services we can utilise PVC films and other materials to wrap and protect countless products. We are highly skilled and have provided foiling and lamination services for a number of years. The time we have invested has helped to build our skills and expertise, making us one of the leading providers of foiling and lamination services in the UK. We can foil materials in a variety of ways and will always select the method we know will produce the best finish.

We are always willing to take on a new challenge. Whether it is a large product or a small one we will do our best to coat it with a protective, decorative layer of flexible, durable, highly resistant material.