The trio of lamination categories

If you’ve never considered investing in lamination services before, now may be a great time to do so. As experts on the subject, we have the means to supply you with laminated merchandise that is both aesthetically pleasing and completely safeguarded against the likes of wear and tear, creasing, and bending. With a first class team and some of the most sophisticated equipment available backing us up, there is no project we cannot handle.
Lamination procedures are carried out for all sorts of reasons, making use of specially developed laminates in order to create various types of products. Said reasons can be separated into three main categories.

Mechanical is up first and it is here where all the layers are merged together in an attempt to amplify the web’s mechanical components. Standout examples include laminates developed to add on a protective layer, introduce a layer that’s resistant to wear, and augment tensile strength.

Chemical is where layers are combined with the intention of refining a web’s chemical makeup. Related laminates consist of those mixed together to lower gas, moisture, or vapour transmission rates.

Finally, we have the decorative category. It is here where layers are fused to boost the web’s appearance. Examples of this encompass adding printed films to the web and bringing one in to amend its surface mien.

Regardless of what variation is employed, the webs are bonded at a lamination nip. Normally, said nip is comprised of two rolls, which either have a controlled gap between them or are pressing together under a supervised pressure.

At Foiling Services, we’re proud to be able to offer clients a professional and personal approach to lamination. No matter what your base materials are, be they card, timber, metal, plastics, or paper, we shall ensure that they receive the appropriate degree of treatment.

If you need anything from us, please get in touch. Our reputation for offering first rate lamination services is built on using great materials and providing an excellent finish. We are versatile and able to achieve very high standards.