The properties of laminating film

For over a decade now, we have offered our lamination services to many clients across the country. Thanks to our skill set, we are capable of working with a myriad of materials that include but are not limited to, ABS, ASA and aluminium. The laminates we use offer various characteristics and can help you to create the perfect, unique products.

If you have ever wondered about what laminating film is made of, the answer you often come up with is plastic. This is true, but to be more specific, the film is more than often made of a combination of plastics called a composite. While not always the case, the outer layer of the film is typically made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The softer inner layer is generally comprised of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). Sometimes, a combination of PE, PET and EVA are all used in tandem.

PET is a resin of the polyester family and can be easily formed to produce various shapes. When it comes to laminating film it is formed into a thin sheet. The material can be found in food, beverage and many other plastic containers, and also has a use for producing the synthetic fibres in clothing.

EVA is widely considered to be highly durable, stress resistant and often acts as a decent hot-melt adhesive. For those who have used a glue gun, you may be interested to know that the glue sticks are made up of EVA plastic, the very same substance that lines the insides of laminating sheets. Because of its “clingy” properties, EVA has additional uses, such as in plastic wraps. Due to it being used in expanded rubber and foam rubber too, it’s employed in the padding of ski boots.

At Foiling services our specialist talent for lamination is matched by no other company. Laminating is used the world over for its protective properties and is definitely something you should look into having done if you want to add extra protection to a product or plan to enhance aesthetics.

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