The proper way to handle your webs

We are a company that dedicates itself to supplying every client with first-class lamination services. With experience in working with all sorts of materials, including ASA, ABS, MDF, and Acrylic, our team is capable of meeting an abundance of distinct requirements. Rest assured that if you choose to work with us, the results you’re seeking shall be yours.

For proper lamination, managing the webs both out of and into the laminating segment is essential. Should you fail to control the web correctly; the outcome will be either insufficient laminating or an unsound product.

If any of your webs happen to be under-tensioned, fold-overs, wrinkle lines, and similar complications could transpire. These aren’t things you want on your merchandise. Excessive tension can lead to problems like stretch lines, which can also appear on your goods. In addition, web curl can also come about if there’s too much tension.

Get rid of irregularities

Because irregularities like these can manifest on your products, the usual course of action would be to introduce spreading rolls within your web paths into the laminating set up. This will assist you in presenting your webs to the module as smoothly and flat as possible. Said rolls come in a series of arrangements, such as rubber cord type spreader rolls and bow rolls to name some. The selection is decided by elements like temperature, web material, tension, and speed.

The introduction angle for the webs at the laminating nip is also vital. In your standard laminator, the webs cannot encounter each other before reaching the lamination point. If they make contact, expect air entrapment and wrinkles to be a concern.

At Foiling Services, we understand just how precious some of the items we’re laminating are to their owners. With us, there is no room for error, and we do everything in our power to ensure that things turn out the way they are supposed to. This has helped us build a strong reputation for our quality lamination services.

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