The essential details of lamination

We are a business that prides itself on being able to supply the best lamination services in the country. It’s true that the laminating practice has been around for years. However, people have only recently come to comprehend just how important it is. Being specialists on this subject, we’re the ones to speak to if you need help.

Lamination provides additional protection whilst introducing a pleasing, clear appearance to your final product. Another word you can use to refer to it is encapsulation. This is because it encloses the product. Prior to presenting your project for lamination, you must think about certain details.


Lamination isn’t a quick process. Our recommendation is that you allow a 24 to 48 hour window to finish the procedure. This gives enough time for the laminate to cure and the bond to be as strong as possible.

Furthermore, there isn’t a limit on the number of pieces you’re able to laminate. Something you should keep in mind though is that the most cost efficient method is laminating a collection of goods at once.


One other factor you need to consider is the thickness of your laminate. This is one of the first steps you’ll need to take. The paper you print your project on will aid you in deciding which laminate is more suitable. We measure lamination film in a unit of thickness called a “mil”. A single mil equals 1/1000ths of an inch or .001″. Your lamination choices include thin, thick, as well as super thick.

In addition to the thickness, you’re free to choose if you want to only laminate one side. If not, you could opt for full encapsulation. Keep in mind that if you choose the latter it will be doubly thick because there are two layers of laminate.

At Foiling Services we start each of our projects by understanding the properties and qualities of the articles we’re laminating. This way, we can work to ensure that nothing will end up damaged during the process. The end result is the highest quality lamination services you could ask for.

If you’d like to speak with us regarding your own items, please contact our establishment.