The dies that a designer must familiarise themselves with

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Anyone who is familiar with foiling will know that there are numerous metals utilised in the creation of foil dies. In addition to the likes of brass, copper, and magnesium models, there are also ones comprised of rubber and steel. However, the latter two are employed for particular applications. Beyond metals, there are three certain kinds of die that all designers need to be made aware of.

The single level or foiling die is the most typical design. Actually, anyone who refers to a foil die is actually alluding to a single level one. This type comes with two surfaces, one that stamps your foil, and the other that does not. It’s all rather simple really. Every etched copper and magnesium die is a single level variation in truth.

The pattern die is one that comes with a micro texture in the facet and acts as a substitute to textured foil. Finally, the combination die is a mix of both an embossing and foiling. These permit you to do both in one pass through your press. There are limitations to using them that you must remember though. For example, you have to foil everything that’s embossed and vice versa.

At Foiling Services, the materials we’re able to foil include but aren’t restricted to ABS, MDF, ASA, and HIPS. Our decorated sheets are used in a plethora of applications, such as in wall cladding, decor panels, composite doors, and point of sales displays. We also offer deliver the same very high standards with our lamination services.

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