Remember the design considerations with foil stamping

People seek out foiling services like ours for a wide variety of reasons. Whatever their goal may be, we always strive to meet their specifications. This is something we are capable of doing thanks to our years of experience. The cutting edge technology we employ is also essential.

Foil stamping is becoming very popular as both a finishing process and a legitimate printing method. This is because it can offer an array of benefits. In order to use it effectively however, you must make sure you look at the design considerations.

How does it work?

The most functional use of metallised foils demands that you know how stamping works. Additionally, you need to understand the vital differences in visual effect. A foil blocked piece will look very different to printed images. For example, a design in black and white will usually create a completely opposite effect. This happens when you reproduce it in silver and gold.


There are two other things that are of equal significance for the designer. They must appreciate the background colour’s effect and the texture of the substrate. The colour shall dictate the level of contrast. Moreover, it will add its unique tone to the silver or gold impression.

foiling servicesThe substrate’s surface texture will be duplicated in the foil’s surface. This is thanks to the vacuum deposited metallic layer’s extreme thickness. As a result, you can only obtain subdued effects on antique and comparably finished stock. On the other hand, a cast-coated base will look brilliant with any given foil.

At Foiling Services, we are not restricted to the regular shades of gold and silver foil. This is thanks to our wide stock and use of modern technology. We can also meet the challenges of any pattern or shape that the client requests.

If you would like our help, please get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss how we can add unique touches to your products and make them stand out.