Recyclable foils add value to the whole chain

One of the most important things when you look at sustainability is to inspect every step of the chain. You could have a green renewable resource that you can recycle easily. However, if it costs a huge amount of CO2 to transport and needs a lot of energy to install, it can be flawed. The great thing about the recyclable foils that we use here is they add value throughout the whole chain.

Raw materials

Recyclable foilsAs a starting point, the foils from KURZ use the minimal amount of raw material. The layer of foil is exceptionally thin, so it doesn’t need a lot of metal to get a great finish.

If that wasn’t enough, none of the materials are harmful to the environment. That means no concerns about ecological damage.


Creating the recyclable foils is also an eco-friendly process. KURZ takes care to be energy efficient and uses renewable energy as much as possible. They also achieve best practice for CO2 emissions. The whole manufacturing model is clean and efficient. Plus, they focus on short transportation routes to keep the carbon footprint small.


It is also incredibly green when you look at applying the foils. It is entirely emission free, with easy, reliable stamping. There is no need for a liquid coating and you won’t generate any waste water.

Impressively here you can scale the application so you achieve the most efficient production. Again this is more sustainable, requiring minimal resources.

End of life

One thing a lot of people think about when they look at foils is recycling at the end of their life. Sadly many types of foil are not recyclable. For example, it could be a metallised plastic foil. Because it is a mix of media, you can’t recycle it.

KURZ foils are exceptional here because they are 100% recyclable. If you apply them to a plastic, paper or card substrate that you are able to recycle, you can still do that. The decorative foil does not place any restrictions on recycling. It also doesn’t result in extra costs.

Plus, KURZ has environmentally sound practices in place for disposing of their own waste. There is no harmful waste with spent PET foil. It can all go back in to creating new foils.

Choose the very best recyclable foils

As you can see, these foils add value at every single stage. That is rare with materials, especially decorative ones. They are 100% recyclable and excellent in terms of sustainability. So, you should definitely consider them for different applications. They can work for a huge array of needs, including graphics for marketing materials and even decorative door panels for vehicles.

If you want to look at recyclable foils and how you could use them, please contact us. We are a leading expert and proudly use KURZ foil.