Present yourself with silk lamination

Laminating servicesThe allure of laminating services is very easy to see. As a result, more people are in a rush to use them. We give clients the easiest way to do this. Our team have years of experience in the industry and can provide creative solutions for almost any project. In addition, we take care of your items and only use the best films and foils.

When you hear the word “lamination”, you may think of your school days. It was likely you had laminate on books, handouts, posters, and much more. However, the lamination process has come a long way since then. Today, we have processes that can elevate materials in all kinds of interesting ways. One option that has a particularly striking effect is silk lamination. We will be talking about it more in this post.

What is silk lamination?

The process makes use of the same elementary principles as normal laminating. It coats an otherwise standard product using a layer of plastic to make it more attractive. Additionally, it becomes stronger and more resistant to water. There are a couple of details that set silk lamination apart though:

  • Firstly, there is the distinct and desirable finish that it generates.
  • Secondly, there is the strength and quality of the bond.

Rather than a bubbly, shiny layer, silk lamination will produce a uniform finish. It is one that has a subtle texture, mimicking the appearance of a fine fabric. This unique finish happens through the use of a mechanical process. It takes two layers or more of material and then unites them as one. The process usually uses heat and adhesive at times.

With this lamination, your films will have a brushed finish. The film will be neither 100% matte nor 100% shiny. However, it reflects light like how fine silk does. The material has a smooth feel too, and is obviously silky. So, it is a great choice for laminating services.

A cost effective method

Silk lamination is a great way of adding strength and beauty to those materials representing your business. It guarantees that any flyers, brochures or cards you have will look wonderful in the customer’s hand long after you give them out. You can achieve all of this without a huge cost.

Finally, presenting yourself using silk lamination goods tells people that you like paying attention to detail. This is something that consumer’s value immensely. It can provide great benefits when it comes to encouraging them to buy and makes you memorable too.

The help you need with laminating services

At Foiling Services, we work from our purpose designed facility to offer people the best level of service. We have years of experience and use top of the line equipment. As if that wasn’t enough to give each client excellent results, we also have access to one of the broadest selections of films in the UK.

So if there is laminating services we can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help with any projects and can offer lots of useful advice.