Lamination printing projects and print boards

Lamination is more than a protective layer for printing goods. It is a game-changer for establishments looking to enhance the quality of their products. What we are going to do here is dive more deeply into lamination. We will cover several important areas to give you an idea of what it is you are dealing with. Then, if you need laminating services, you can rely on us.

Why should I laminate?

We will start off by talking about why you should laminate. Lamination isn’t only about introducing a glossy finish; it is also about amplifying the resilience and appearance of materials. If you laminate, it’s possible to shield your products against everyday wear and tear. We are on about things like damage due to constant handling, sun exposure, spills, water, and more. Lamination guarantees that your materials will be in a pristine state. It will preserve the original quality and extend the lifespan.

What to laminate?

Laminating servicesNext, we will discuss the sort of printing projects that benefit from lamination. When it comes to mind, you think of items like educational handouts and restaurant menus. These regularly handled articles benefit considerably from laminate. This process sees to it that they can withstand constant use without degradation and fading.

Another example is sales materials. Presentation books, brochures, and more can all get a protective film cover. This is not only for durability, but also for preserving colour vibrancy. It can make the items more impactful.

Lamination’s scope goes further

Saying all that, the scope of laminating services extends further. In environments exposed to oil, dirt, or moisture, laminated materials are mandatory. Think about machinery guidelines, reusable labels, emergency signs, and safety protocols in factories.

In applications like these, a common act is to extend your lamination film slightly past the material’s edge. Such an overlap guarantees that bottom and top laminate layers fuse together, generating a seal. This additional step guarantees that exterior elements like oil or water don’t seep in. It protects the integrity of the information.

Why choose printing?

As for why you should opt for laminated printing, it is not something that is purely about aesthetics. There are other reasons why people make the choice to use it. There is protection and value of course.

Another notable example is easy maintenance. Think about restaurant menus. You can clean them effortlessly after each use with a damp cloth. They stay presentable and spotless for longer.

One more advantage is colour enhancement. Lamination doesn’t simply protect an item; it improves the visual quality. With matt film, you receive an elegant, subdued look. Gloss film improves colour vibrancy. So, laminating services are a great investment.

Print boards

The last area we want to talk about is print board for lamination. When you need to pick the right boards for your printing demands, it is vital to understand the options available to you.

One of them is Foamex. This option is famous for its sturdy and lightweight nature. It is a versatile option too, with many thicknesses available. That makes it appropriate for numerous applications.

Another option would be composite boards. Also called sandwich boards, they include two outer aluminium layers and a rigid plastic core. For hoardings and signage, these are the go-to option due to their durability.

Correx is also a solution, one famous for its lightness and rigidity. What we have here is a PVC-based substance. The resistance it has to environmental factors makes it viable for external applications.

Finally, we come to acrylic boards. These provide a sleek, glass like finish. You have an elegant alternative to classic print surfaces. They offer depth to print images, maximising the aesthetic appeal.

Expert laminating services for many needs

At Foiling Services, we can deliver lamination for a variety of needs. This includes applying film to a variety of sheet materials to protect them and improve the aesthetics. It can even involve the creation of composite panels and other products.

So, if you’d like to use our laminating services, please let us know. We’re always happy to advise and explore what we can do for you.