Lamination offers functional and aesthetic advantages

Lamination can often be seen as a means of simple protection, but it can do a great deal to enhance graphics as well as providing long term durability. Lamination is simply the application of a clear coating to a particular product or surface, providing maximum protection against wear and tear, marks, scratches and abrasions. Although the preservation of the object was the primary aim of lamination, it has now evolved into a transformative process that can significantly enhance an image with vibrant colours and textures.

Lamination also gives an item extra body and stability and is suitable for a whole host of applications such as vehicle wraps, signage, boards, outdoor signs, posters and more. We are able to work with a diverse selection of materials including plywood and aluminium, in an assortment of shapes and sizes, offering quality workmanship on each and every task.

Our proficient and experienced team regularly provide complete products for a wide selection of industries. We produce products for graphic designers and advertising agencies, as well as components for the purposes of wall cladding, building and construction. Due to the vast selection of applications that require high quality lamination, we have grown into a company that can successfully meet every need and produce products that meet precise specifications.

We work from well equipped facilities that facilitate the fast and efficient completion of all tasks. By collaborating with and listening to our clients, we have been able to understand exactly what they want and tailor our methods and services accordingly. We specialise in delivering supreme design concepts and we ensure that every stage of the process is executed with maximum professionalism and efficiency.

Lamination is the ideal way to preserve and extend the lifespan of an image or component, while improving the vibrancy of colours and ensuring quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers with our affordable lamination services.