Laminate film loading done correctly

Lamination services have become more popular in recent history. Because we are experts in this area, we are the ones to come to if you require any help. We have the skills necessary to work on a large variety of items. It could be something that is personal to you or an object you need for business purposes. Either way, we ensure a great finish.

Loading laminate film into your mechanism might seem simple enough. However, it is surprisingly easy to get this process wrong. We can teach you how to do things the right way. Read on to find out all the essential details you need to know here.


Firstly, we will talk about cleaning your heated rollers. This next part is important. Make certain that the rollers do not have any plastic on them. See to it that they are also free of adhesive. If you see any, you will have to clean them. It may be easier to clean them while they are still hot because the adhesive or plastic won’t have time to cool and bond. Just make sure you are careful.

The glossy side

With loading, never forget that the glossy side must be against the roller/heat shoe. It is not difficult to figure out which side of your film has adhesive on it. The film’s matte side is the adhesive. Ensure that you keep this as far away from the rollers/heat shoe as possible so that it doesn’t get stuck.

The right temperature

lamination services

Temperature is crucial here too. The majority of films shall adhere at 280 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to allow your laminator to heat up correctly prior to lamination. Cloudy laminate typically shows that there is not enough heat. Alter your temperature settings as necessary. After that, wait for your laminator to heat up properly before you use it again.

At Foiling Services, we are careful not to get straight into the laminating process. When someone brings us an item to work with, we start by making sure it is suitable for the process. Not everything is and it’s easy to damage unsuitable goods here. We take more time to check, therefore ensuring we offer the best lamination services.

If there is anything you’d like to ask us, you are welcome to contact us anytime.