Is vinyl flooring right for you?

Lamination is so important today that many of the things around us would not be possible without it. Just look at the flooring in your home. It is likely you have at least one floor cover that owes something to laminate. We want to have a closer look at one of the most interesting ones today; vinyl flooring. Then, if you need any help with laminating services, you can speak to us.

Two types

Laminating servicesThe first thing to think about is there are technically two different types here. We typically refer to the large continuous rolls as vinyl flooring. However, there is also luxury vinyl tile (LVT). These products come as tiles or even planks. Many refer to the latter simply as laminate flooring.

Vinyl roll is typically a decorative top layer of laminate film with a cushion backing. In most cases it will be PVC or fibreglass. There can even be a final clear layer on top to give additional protection against water and wear. You can get rolls in various sizes and can cut to suit almost any needs. There is a massive choice of designs and colours.

LVT effectively imitates traditional tiles and wooden planks. However, they are plastic instead of ceramic or real wood. There is a series of layers of material here, including an underlay, a core, a vinyl or film layer with the design, and a clear wear layer. There can even be an additional clear layer for UV protection.

As you can see, both types rely on quality laminating services. They can apply the decorative and protective outer layers to the core and underlay or cushioned layers.

Should you choose them?

There are several advantages with vinyl flooring. Let’s look at them to see why you should consider it.

Firstly, it is most cost effective. You could save a great deal in comparison to other flooring materials. This owes to the fact it is cheaper to produce the rolls or LVT and the raw materials themselves are less costly.

Secondly, it is easy to install. Vinyl roll couldn’t be easier to deal with; simply cut to size and lay it down. In some cases you may need adhesive, but some materials don’t require any at all. LVT can feature different types of interlocking connections. Usually they just click together. You can cut them to size to suit any space too. With both options, you have something you can generally DIY.

Thirdly, the vinyl flooring can make spaces more comfortable. Crucially here is the fact it is softer than ceramic and wood. As a result, it can make spaces quieter and make floors more comfortable to walk on.

Finally, it can last longer. Vinyl is durable and easy to maintain. The addition of protective upper layers can make it waterproof and wear resistant. The only thing you need to worry about is heavy or sharp objects damaging it. Generally though, it is cheap and easy to resolve any damage.

Do you want to learn more about laminating services?

Hopefully the information above showcases why vinyl flooring is such a good option and why lamination is important for creating it. We have hands on experience with the product, offering a selection of vinyl rolled products. We can also laminate many different materials for clients, producing excellent results every time.

So, if you need different types of laminating services, speak to us. We’ll see what we can do for you.