Is it better to cut before or after laminating?

Lamination servicesLaminating is a great way to give potentially delicate materials a protective coating. This can include documents, cards, and more. With a laminate there is less risk of wear from handling, damage from moisture, and other issues like rips and tears. As a leading provider of lamination services, we can provide a reliable solution for any need. We also have top of the line equipment so you can expect a great result.


One thing customers ask us quite often is whether they should cut materials before sending them to us to laminate or afterwards. This is a tricky question because it depends on the item, what kind of finish you want, and the type of laminate. We would like to offer a little advice though.

If the seal is important

There are many cases where it is important to completely seal the item away under laminate. When you need this, it is wise to cut the materials first and then laminate. That way you can get a secure seal around the whole edge rather than cutting afterwards and leaving the potential that the laminate could lift. If you laminate then cut right around the material it may also leave the end unprotected.

No boarder of plastic

On the other hand there are times when people don’t want a boarder of laminate around their item. When this is the case, it is possible to laminate and then cut. You need to ensure the heat setting is correct when laminating though. This will cause the laminate to bond properly to the card or paper and can reduce the risk of lifting.

Production rate

If you are producing a batch of smaller products and want to save time and materials, laminating then cutting can be the perfect option. Again you just need to make sure the machine is hot enough. You must also cut cleanly and accurately.

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