Introduce new dimensions with foil blocking

The foiling services supplied by our team are some of the best within the industry. We having spent years perfecting our craft. As a result, our skills will meet even the most complex specifications. With a vast array of foils to choose from, we’re certain that you’ll find something that suits your tastes.

If what you desire for your design is an extra visual dimension, then you might want to think about foil blocking. With this practice, printing areas are given metallic or mirror-like characteristics. This method can achieve a superior reflection than is possible with standard options.

How does foil blocking work?

Traditionally, professionals perform blocking utilising a heated metal die. It bears the needed design in relief. They employ this to thrust a wafer-thin metal foil sheet against the surface that will carry the eventual design. Usually, they administer the die with high heat and pressure. As a result, the wafer-thin foils only end up clinging to the sections of card or paper that have encountered the hot die’s raised relief.

We deboss proceeding sectors that display the printed foil because of the pressure expended on them. Such debossing can bring with it a tenuous extra dimension to the printed creation. When utilised with texture card, foil blocking makes this approach even more effective.

In addition to debossing the textured coating, the procedure also flattens the foiled areas’ textures. The outcome is a blend of flat and textured surfaces complete with a metal foil design or logo.

Foiling Services are proficient with metallic foil. This has attracted the attention of countless individuals. The great thing about this material is that it offers an aesthetic not found with other variants. Furthermore, it allows you to work with more surfaces than standard ink can permit.

If you believe our foiling services would be beneficial to your cause, please get in touch. We can offer advice and help you to get the finish you want.