How you do and don’t design foil stamped boxes

Foiling services are immensely popular due to the high quality appearances they offer. This is the case whether you add foil to boxes, promo materials, or even vehicles. We work to provide these services to clients all over the UK. In addition, we do so for competitive rates. Our belief is that this sort of work and its benefits should be made available to everyone, so why not try us today?

You will want your boxes to be at their best

Foil printing is a process that has been around for over a hundred years. The results are still astounding, whether you rely on traditional techniques or use modern equipment. You should not accept anything less than the outstanding in regards to your boxes. What we want to do in this post is look at what you should and shouldn’t be doing if you do use foil. With the right knowledge, you will be in a better position to gain superior results.

What should you do?

Foiling servicesUnlike with regular colour print, foil stamping needs you to make some careful considerations. Let’s start by looking at what you should be doing. Firstly, you should be using vector-based programs for box designing. These are ones like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator. They will provide more accurate detail.

In addition, you need to keep the foil areas rather compact. Opting for extremely foiled areas can lead to the foils adhering unevenly. When dealing with larger areas, it is preferable to print using metallic paper.

You should also use foil with intent and moderation. It is unwise to overdo your foiled areas. Instead, think strategically where it should go to create the necessary contrast. This can be the specific message you want to convey, your brand name, or a logo.

Lastly, you should make your text bigger to guarantee suitable readability. Come to us if you desire the finest foiling services available in the UK.

What shouldn’t I be doing?

One thing you definitely don’t want to do is use raster programs for box design. We are talking about things like PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Photoshop. Other things you shouldn’t be using include PNG, JPG, and raster images.

See to it that you don’t use details that are smaller than 1point either. The reason why is that the foil might not properly adhere to your surface.

Finally, you need to avoid using gradients. Foil is a solid substance that is unable to hold gradients of colour. When you are working with metallic gradients, it is better to print on metallic paper.

We have a lot of experience with foiling

At Foiling Services, we make use of modern, up-to-date technology to perform all our work. This stops us from being limited to standard gold and silver shades when implementing foil designs. We can offer much more freedom in terms of patterns and shades.

This is a complex procedure but it is one we have plenty of experience with. So, if you would like to try our foiling services, feel free to get in touch. We can give you advice about different uses of foil and much more.