How to make your point of sale display stand out

With the warm weather comes the opportunity to sell lots of products. In order to do this, you need point of sale displays that attract customers and encourage them to make purchases. Below, we have included some advice on how to achieve this, including using our first class foiling services.

Choosing Colours

It could be a promotion, sale, or event, but regardless you should use colours that pop and catch the eye. Try using bright colours that contrast and create something that people cannot ignore. All the elements need to be easy to see and read while working well together. This applies to images, text, logos, and branding to create a display that works.

Think About Size

You need to take care and not over-clutter your point of sale display. This might discourage a customer from making a purchase. Try to make the display big and easy to understand. It should deliver the necessary product information in a concise way and also look fantastic.

Add Foil

If you really want to grab people’s attention, you need a bright and bold design. The use of foil can be incredibly helpful when you want to achieve this. It is versatile, customisable, and can help you achieve a high quality design. A bright metallic reflective finish allows you to separate your product from the crowd and can also improve your brand reputation.

foiling servicesWe use functional and decorative hot transfer foils that have many applications. Foil is great for decor panels, engraving, industrial mouldings, composite doors, and much more. We are able to work with a huge number of materials such as ABS, PVC, ASA, MDF, HIPS, Aluminium, Plywood, and Acrylic.

Read all about our lamination and foiling services on our website. If you have a question or are ready to start designing, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you and provide you with stunning results for your item.