Foil stamping and catalogues: A match made in heaven

People use foiling services because they bring an excellent degree of appearance to their items. This will only be the case if the application is perfect though. With years of experience in the industry, we are in the ideal place to help every client. Just because we provide world class results however, it does not mean you will need to pay premium prices. Our services are actually quite cost efficient.

Creating a shining promotional item

There are many items that you can enhance with foiling. Catalogues are among them. Using foil stamping, you are able to transform a standard catalogue into a shining promotional object that is simply demanding to be read.

Foiling servicesFoil stamping is a fantastic printing technique. It uses a pair of hot dies to impress catalogues with metallic or pigment foils. What you end up with is a lustrous pop of colour in precisely the right spots. People regularly use this process along with embossing to generate shiny 3D effects.

You might be under the assumption that foiling means gold and silver. You are right and wrong at the same time. Foil stamping can offer each colour of the rainbow. In addition, there are some noteworthy foils that provide special effects.

Using stamping, it is possible to set a festive mood by employing metallic foils to match the season. Think red and green for Christmas or orange and purple for Halloween. Additionally, you can introduce gloss pigment foils for brilliant colours. What’s more, you can try using matte ones in dark hues to produce a feel of sophistication and elegance.

To remind people of your product, you can use speciality foils such as leather, marble, and wood grain. Also, it is possible to use holographic foils to create that “must have” effect. Come to us for top tier foiling services.

Planning a foil-stamped catalogue

Now that we know a little more about the process, we can discuss planning a catalogue. Foil stamping introduces gloss and glamour to any item. It looks its best on thick, smooth paper stock. For the crispest images, it is a good idea to avoid stocks with texture such as linens.

Secondly, your page count should preferably consist of both sides of the back and front covers. This is in addition to the inside pages. Due to the way you assemble and print catalogues, your page count has to be a multiple of four.

Lastly, foil stamping is opaque. Therefore, you can put lighter foils on darker backgrounds. If there is a high contrast between the background and foil colours, you will have the most striking effect. Foiling services are almost a must have when you look at all the benefits.

Getting the most out of your catalogues

We will talk a little about how you can get the most from foil-stamped catalogues next. They are a classic but newly trendy manner of showcasing items. When you use them as part of multi-channel marketing efforts, they offer a tangible reminder of your brand. Also, with source codes and mailing dates, it is easy to track them.

Another fact about catalogue printing is that it is an excellent choice for annual reports. It is the same for event programs, cookbooks, training manuals and information guides. Favour catalogues over brochures when you need freedom to include more details in a booklet-style format.

Catalogues can make outstanding product guides as well. There is plenty of room for testimonials and graphics here. Plus you can include specifications, diagrams, descriptions, and images. Foil stamping will offer an item a more upscale aesthetic and is wonderful for higher end goods.

Make use of foils to shift the reader’s attention to the details you need them to notice. For example it can introduce sparkling accents to products or company logos or names. On top of that you can have it on or close to your web address and phone number on the back of the catalogue too. Finally, employ the foil to highlight an actual feature of your merchandise. Readers will instantly look at a shiny blue bicycle that is on the front.

People trust in our foiling services

Foiling Services is one of the UK’s most trusted businesses when it comes to foil work. This gives our clients confidence every time they work with us. Our team is constantly aiming to meet the highest expectations too. As a result, you can invest in your materials with us.

So, if you would like to use our foiling services, feel free to call or email us. You can come to us with a full product idea in mind or let us come up with suggestions.