Foil stamped cards explained

Like lamination, foiling services can provide you with some lovely looking items. To obtain the full benefits though, you need to work with a team that has plenty of experience. We have been excelling in this area for many years. Thus, we can attend to all your needs with ease.

Foil stamped card is stock that has had a special or metallic effect foil introduced to it. This happens with a mixture of pressure from a foil printing press and hot metal die.

The die is crucial here because you etch it from an artwork file to replicate the design you want. Next you load it into a foil press for heating to the necessary temperature. A roll of the chosen foil then goes onto the press between the card stock and die. They then press together, applying the foil to the card exterior.

Foil stamping explained

Foiling servicesThis process is not unlike letterpress, something that is known for its deep impression on card stocks. Stamping isn’t the sole way of introducing foil to card stock though. In recent history, digital toner foiling has become a popular alternative. The procedure consists of printing black toner onto card stock. Afterwards, you employ special foils and a hot roller on a laminator. The roller heats the black toner up and bonds it to the foil.

Toner foiling has its advantages. However, it is generally thought of as inferior to foil stamping. By utilising the term foil stamp, it won’t be hard for you to distinguish between the two. With toner foiling, there is no stamping.

Working with texture

Foil stamped cards have their benefits, with one of them being the ability to use textured card. The surface doesn’t need to be smooth. The die stamps into the card stock with force. What this means is that you can use stocks with texture to add extra contrast with your foil.

This is a massive restriction of digital toner foiling. The card will need to be entirely smooth to get good results.

With foil stamping, it is possible to get creative with card like Kraft, cotton, and many more. In addition, you can use the technique on creative stocks such as neon and holographic boards for riveting effects. Contact us if you need the UK’s top foiling services.

Using thick card stocks

Another advantage is that you can employ thick card stocks like 700gsm+ with stamping. This is an immensely popular option for invitations and business cards. The combination of foil and thick stock is able to generate a great deep impression.

In truth, some individuals pick stamping for cards for the deboss impression and don’t even use foil. What it gives you is a distinct subtle effect. We refer to it as blind deboss. It works especially well on card stock with texture. Here, the area you stamp becomes smooth thanks to the pressure and heat. This creates a striking contrast with the card stock’s texture around it.

Colour choice

The last benefit we will discuss is that there is a massive range of foil colours available. There are all kinds of shades, special effects, gloss, matt, and metallic foils for you to use. Each foil will be opaque, so you can use any colour on any colour of card with outstanding opacity.

We do world class work when you need foiling services

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So, if you need our foiling services, please let us know. We can advise you about designs and how to get the look you want for many different products.