Foil printing is a recyclable practice

We use our foiling services to enhance the appearance of various products. If you compare foil to using ink, our solutions are appropriate for a much bigger number of surfaces. As a result, we can offer a far broader service. With more than a decade of experience, we can produce first class results for every client.

There are a few ways to do foil printing. However, there seems to be some confusion over whether you can recycle the metallic foils or not. As opposed to crisp packets, we widely recycle printed foil. The trouble with the former is that they are fused with plastic so they are no longer recyclable.

There is a lot we have to say on the subject of foil printing and recycling. Read on to discover more.

The world of foil printing

Foiling servicesThis is a process with many names, including foil blocking and hot stamping. We use it to embellish goods with a metallic finish. The idea is to add a premium aesthetic and draw more people to the items. Gold foil business cards are especially popular. Speak to us if you need first rate foiling services.

You can do foil printing in multiple ways. Overall, you can divide them into three primary categories:

The first is hot foiling. What you do here is use a heated die to stamp your foil onto a material. You would use bespoke metal plates for this.

Then there is cold foiling. For this method, you back metallic paper with an adhesive. This allows it to stick to the material.

Finally, there is digital foiling. With this technique, the product prints right from your computer file without you having to use custom stamping plates.

How recyclable is foil printing?

Now that we know more about foil printing, let’s look at how recyclable it is. Printed foil is incredibly thin to the point that the coating weight tends to be lower than conventional ink. Therefore, it dissipates when the re-pulping procedure occurs. Because of this, you can place it into the recycling bin with no problems.

Marketing managers often struggle to balance environmental issues and costs. This is while offering eye-catching designs. There are some who believe that sustainable print materials and packaging can’t be enticing. These people are under the impression there is a trade-off between sustainable substances and aesthetics. However, there are some excellent materials. Plus foil printing can provide excellent results. Your brand will end up with a premium edge, while offering materials that are compostable and recyclable at the same time.

Rely on us for quality foiling services

We focus on providing our clients with top quality items. In addition, we want our work to be affordable to everyone. To accomplish this, we offer our assistance for some of the most competitive prices.

So, if you would like to work with us, please don’t hesitate to contact Foiling Services. We can offer solutions for a huge array of different materials.