Excellent uses for metallic foil stickers

If you’re wondering how to improve the look of your items, foiling services are often the way to go. By working with a team like ours that has talent and experience, you can make everything stand out with ease. We work closely with every client to ensure we know what you want to achieve. It will be our focus for the whole project. In addition, we have a wide array of foils available for different situations.

People love using stickers. As far as printed stationary goes, they are very special. They are useful, tough, and have arguably more versatility than any other kind of print media out there. They are able to endure for years in all kinds of places. Think of them as the unsung heroes of print. Plus, with foil printing you can enhance them even more.

The difference between normal and foil stickers

There are normal stickers, and then there are foil stickers. Initially, this might not seem like a great difference. But, with eye-catching metallic foil additions, all you need is a glance for them to stand out.

Standard ones are fine for adding a bit of personal style, and getting brand recognition. However, the way metallic foil can catch the light means they add an even more special level of attention. They will add that nice touch of style to everything you use them on. This is especially likely when you choose professional foiling services like ours.

What to use them for?

Foiling servicesSo, you are probably wondering what people can use these stickers for. Allow us to tell you.

Think about a plain cardboard box or poster tube. Dull, right? Now, imagine how it will look with your logo on it in striking silver or gold foil. Here, you have altered the context of the cardboard. It may look as confident as a Starbucks cup. The right design and application can make a logo speak for itself on any exterior.

Foil stickers are the ideal way of achieving this look. Perfect for gift boxes, bottles, and jars, they make excellent product labels. This is for any item, whether it is homemade or high-end. Metallic foil’s glint taps into a style that is timeless. There is an amazing quality that is ideal for consumables that have a story to tell.

Foil stickers could also make for equally striking additions to custom PC builds and top quality laptops. You could be a tech supplier or a professional gamer. Alternatively, you may simply want something to cover up that boring manufacturer’s logo. A sticker can do it.

That extra special addition

Do you want to add something unique to your envelopes and gifts for a big celebration? Or, you might like the idea of seals on letters and cards, just without the messiness. Foil stickers provide you with the alluring elegance you are after for both of these needs.

Consider the world’s favourite brands and how they remain at the top. When you purchase Apple items, you receive free stickers. It is an easy way of getting eyes on the brand. This essentially multiplies the company’s presence. Any other company can use the same kind of strategy. It is a really great marketing tactic, especially if you include gleaming foil stickers people will want to display.

Start working with us any time you need foiling services

We have worked hard to become one of the most trusted names in our field. Our services can deliver stellar results for every client. You can rely on us for decorative foils as well as functional laminates. We only use quality materials and will meet all of your specifications.

So, please contact us if want to discuss any details about foiling services with our team. We can help you to decide how and where to use foil for the best impact.