Does aluminium foil have health benefits?

Foils have proven invaluable in enhancing the appearance of all kinds of objects. For example, sustainable foils can be a great choice for vehicle parts and more. What you might not know however is that certain ones have uses beyond this. For instance, we depend on aluminium foil for stopping contamination and keeping food fresh. Surprisingly, Chinese and Russian medicine says foil may also be a practical choice for relieving pain and other health problems. We want to go over a few ways in which it could help the body.

Joint and muscle pain

Sustainable foilsTo start with, it may help ease painful joints and muscles. Some people claim that by wrapping the painful area in aluminium foil, the aching becomes less painful. See to it that you wrap the foil securely in the area. You need to keep it in place for at least 12 hours too. You are able to repeat this treatment for 10 to 12 days. Taking a break for seven days and continuing the treatment may also help.


Another thing aluminium foil may be able to help with is soothing burns. They can be a painful experience, whether it is from cooking, heating, or in the workplace. Surprisingly, foil may help. It can actually disperse heat from the skin. It can also help with healing because it won’t stick to fabrics like bedding and clothes. Just make sure you clean and sterilise the wound.

Insomnia and fatigue

Each day, we come across stressful situations that cause fatigue. By using aluminium foil, it may help to manage the signs of fatigue and stress. You simply have to fold it and create two small strips. Place these in the freezer for a couple of hours. Afterwards, put them under your eyes prior to napping or sleeping. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed. If you require sustainable foils to increase the appearance of your items, give us a call.

Flu and cold

We do everything within our power to avoid getting sick. Despite this, the cold virus is difficult to avoid. If you were to end up catching a cold or the flu, some people swear by using aluminium foil. Wrap your feet in six or seven layers, with bandages or paper between each layer of the foil. The idea is it draws out the illness.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Maybe you’ve found yourself suffering from painful joint and finger movements. Using the foil as part of a home remedy may help relieve the pain. Tear a sheet of foil that is big enough to wrap around your aching joints or fingers.

Sciatica issues

Sciatica isn’t the simplest problem to handle. The pain can be discomforting to say the least. It flows from your back down to each leg. If you do have pain, you should see a specialist ASAP. But, aluminium foil may help you during the wait. Try wrapping it around the aching part of your body. It may provide a temporary relief.

Sustainable foils are an efficient and green option

At Foiling Services, we supply foils for both decorative and protective applications. This will allow you to enhance your goods in an efficient and green manner. For top tier results, we use quality materials and reliable equipment.

So, if you are interested in working with us and using sustainable foils, please get in touch. We can tell you more about them and potential applications.