Consider the psychology behind luxury packaging

While the focus should always be on the product itself, we are all susceptible to attractive packaging. We’ve probably all noticed something on the shelf in a shop simply because the box looks impressive. Some of us will have even chosen to buy on the power of that impression alone. That is why things like foiling services can be such a great investment; they can lead to more sales because of how well the foils enhance the packaging.

It is actually really interesting to look at the psychology behind luxury packaging and why we are more likely to pick up a product if it comes in a nice box. Let’s dive into it to see the three principles that shape our purchasing decisions.


Foiling servicesFirstly, we have our perception. People are more likely to pick a product when they perceive it as being more valuable. If everything was packed in the same blank boxes, people would likely choose one from a brand they know or just go for the cheapest one. However, when one item has luxury packaging, it draws our eyes and we perceive it as having more value.

So, brands should think about how they can ensure their luxury packaging influences the buyer’s perception in a positive way. The idea should be to make it look prestigious and exclusive. Foiling services can be perfect here.


It is also important to keep in mind that we have an emotional reaction to packaging. A great design can get us excited and be enough to make us grab a product on a whim. It can also give us a sense of pleasure knowing we are buying something high quality.

Businesses really should embrace this side of our psychology. People want to experience positive feelings again and again. If you can design your product to give them that, it can earn their loyalty and ensure they buy from you repeatedly.


Luxury packaging can also motive us to purchase. If a product is in a box that makes it seem exclusive, customers are more likely to have the motivation to pick it up and buy. They might have the classic FOMO response. It can be a really powerful motivator and make people purchase something they don’t have an urgent need for.

Do you want to try foiling services?

Ideally you want to design luxury packaging that generates the perfect response from customers. It could do all three of the things above or any combination of them. Ultimately though, you want to ensure it will mean people are buying your products and responding positively to them.

Adding foil to packaging is a great way to make it look more luxurious and exclusive. This is the case especially if you choose metallic gold or silver elements. We naturally link them to precious metals and consider that the product might offer more value.

If you do want to try foiling services for luxury packaging, we can help. Contact us and learn more about what you can do with foils.