Choosing different types of laminates

One of the most important things to keep in mind about laminates is the wide array of different types. Therefore it is possible to get the perfect finish for many products. If you struggle to decide which is best for you we can help. Our lamination services are broad because we work with so many materials. We can advise you on which to use to get the right look and feel for any product.

Regular laminates

The most common laminate materials have a smooth surface with no detail or texture. They tend to be quite thin, generally ranging from 0.6mm up to 1.5mm. The biggest advantage of this kind of laminate is it is cost effective and flexible. Therefore it is good for various uses, including furniture and marketing materials. They can vary in colour and suit various style and design needs.

Textured laminates

These materials are decorative and easy to distinguish from other laminates. The texture can vary, ranging from solid pattern to floral, wood grain to matte. This adds a new dimension to products, making them stand out and appeal even more to consumers. They may cost more than regular laminate but there are options at various price points, making them suitable for various budgets.

A big advantage with textured is they can offer additional features. For example the coatings may be anti-bacterial, flame retardant, or even UV proof. The thickness of the laminate can vary too.

Maintaining a laminate

It is important to keep maintenance in mind when you choose laminates. Regular ones are very easy to look after because the surface is smooth and won’t give dirt anything to cling to. A simple wipe should be all it takes and there is minimal risk of stains.

Textured ones on the other hand take a little more care. The patterns create places where dirt and grime can build up. It is important to clean them carefully, getting rid of the contaminants while also ensuring the coating doesn’t get damaged.

If you have a product that you want to add a decorative or protective coating to, we have the perfect services for you. We achieve excellent standards, delivering lamination services that are unparalleled. You can view some of our past products on our website or contact us if you would like more details.