Business cards are not what they once were

Whenever they require foiling services, individuals come to us. Through the years, our experience in this area has grown. These days, we can foil a host of different materials and offer many unique effects. In addition, we create our outstanding finishes by using foils from high quality brands.

In today’s world, business card printing takes on various forms. There are also plenty of gorgeous finishes to choose from. Examples include embossing and foil blocking. Moreover, there are the distinct sizes to think about. You can find cards in die-cut, rectangle, square, folded, flat, large, and small designs. The possibilities are limitless.

However, there is one thing that’s never in question here. Regardless of size or shape, your card is a top-notch piece of printing. It represents you and your company. Additionally, it reflects the quality of those products and services you supply. If that wasn’t enough, they also act as a door opener. At the most basic level, they remind people of you and your contact details.

The cards changed with time

We’ve seen business cards changing with the times. They are no longer just pieces of practical, basic print. Nowadays, they’re a mini marketing wonder. It’s possible for them to promote your company by doing more than simply sharing your contact information. For example, thanks to the introduction of QR codes, people can go right to your website.

The materials used for printing have moved beyond the old heavy board too. It’s now all about bonded boards with double or triple layers. In terms of finishes, there are numerous lamination options for you to choose from. This includes different colours and even holographic images.

At Foiling Services, our decorative sheets are useful for a range of applications. This includes wall cladding, sign making materials, and decor panels. We can process these products using a series of techniques too. Therefore they can suit any needs. We even create smaller materials like business cards.

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