Are you using the proper surfaces?

Foiling services have evolved as the years have gone by. These days, top of the range utensils allow us to produce first class results more easily than ever before. This process does still demand care however, something we have never forgotten. As such, you can expect your items to return to you in prime condition once we’re finished.

If your goal is high quality hot foil labels, you know what the correct surfaces are for them. It’s true that you can administer hot foil to a myriad of distinct substances. However, the fact is that some are more appropriate for the job than others are. We usually utilise hotstamping fruitfully on all kinds of plastics. The list includes polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, and vinyl. These materials provide superior adhesion and are softer.

Different adhesion levels

Nonetheless, each foil comes with its own degree of adhesion, one that’s activated with heat. Since this is the case, you might need to test the medium you want to foil for its treat level. This consists of a dyne pen examination. It involves the use of a special marker pen on the substance you’ll be foiling. It measures the pores present in the surface to discover whether the adhesion procedure will succeed.

You can also utilise foil on a label that has an irregular facet, such as a linen-look label for a wine bottle. It’s possible to blend the foil with an embossed surface too. Because hot foil will possess a somewhat raised mien, it becomes an excellent candidate for high-end merchandise implementations.

At Foiling Services, our wide collection of interior and exterior foils enables us to meet a large assortment of customer specifications. You shouldn’t worry too much if you don’t already have a style in mind. Our talented team is more than capable of helping you conceive one. If there are certain details you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch.