Always be involved from the start

As the name states, our company’s speciality comes in the form of foiling services. For you, the customers, we apply functional and decorative hot transfer foils, self-adhesive tapes, and protection and PVC films to a myriad of products made from different materials. In addition to reel and sheet materials, our talents also include profile foiling.

There are a number of steps you can take towards preventing air entrapment if your objects have already been coated and printed. If you are involved right from the beginning of the project however, possible complications can be addressed prior to products reaching the final production stages.

Firstly, with an air entrapment issue on an area that’s big and solid you might want to think about foil stamping your item on a cylinder hot stamping press. With this variety of stamping, the press action pushes the air out as the foil is laid down on your sheet. This eradicates the concern of it becoming trapped within the image. Should this not be an option for you, there are multitudes of things that can be done to your die with the engraver to tackle air entrapment.

By knowing in advance that you’re going to be operating on a massive solid that’s placed on a coated sheet, you can ask the engraver to have the die’s centre made some thousands thicker than that of the outer image. By taking this approach, the die’s mid section shall collide with the stock first, pushing the air out around your image.

Additionally, if you possess a big image with reversed out parts you can have the engraver drill holes in the die where the image doesn’t stamp. This will enable the air stuck between the stock and die to escape via the die.

At Foiling Services we take every precaution to ensure that your products turn out exactly the way you want them to. We’re experienced in adding foils to a host of substances, including the likes of MDF, HIPS and ASA plastics, metals, and timbers to name a few, meaning that we can meet all kinds of unique requirements.

If our team can be of assistance to you, please let us know.