Alupro’s new campaign for foil recycling

Alupro, the aluminium recycling organisation, has started its first nationwide consumer engagement campaign. It is focused on increasing foil recycling and minimising contamination. We want to have a closer look at it here because it aligns with our goal to promote the use of recyclable foils.

Recyclable foilsFor the campaign, referred to as #FoilFriday, the business has released multiple assets and images. Local authorities can use them on their social media channels. The Alupro website also has them available for download. Councils are the most used source for checking recyclability instead of other routes like pack labelling. So Alupro wants them to ensure they provide good advice.

One of their critical roles of the campaign is consumer education. Alupro wants to work closely with local authorities. By doing so, it can communicate the importance and advantages of recycling aluminium packaging. Their team is confident that this campaign will let them reach a wider audience. At the same time, they want to contribute to increasing recycling rates.

A six-month campaign

Foil Fridays will take place over six months. It will conclude after Christmas. New material that promotes Christmas packaging recycling will become available later in the year. This type of packaging includes mince pie cases and turkey foil; people can recycle both. If you are interested in working with recyclable foils, give us a call.

Aluminium foil is as recyclable as cans. Food contamination isn’t the most pleasant thing, but it is not a barrier to recycling. The message here is rinse, scrunch, recycle.

Minimal details exist about foil recycling rates, with data not being the best. There is an idea of what goes in at the factor level, as well as incineration recycling rates. It is true that you can recycle aluminium incinerator bottom ash. Saying this, it is preferable to gather foil via a recycling stream instead. The reason is that incineration leads to oxidation of thinner foils. This includes confectionery wrapping.

Future plans

Further research work into foil recycling volumes and strategies is planned. It will be similar to what happened with aerosol containers. This includes a recycling roadmap as well as the development of data.

Alupro wants to get their heads around the non-beverage parts of aluminium packaging. Introducing a deposit return system in the UK will lead to a knock on effect. This is the case for foil and separate aluminium recycling, like aerosols. At the moment, we collect foil with cans. When DRS works though, the expectation is for most cans to be collected via this route. It would leave aluminium foil and aerosols more likely to have to find different collection routes.

To help minimise further problems, Alupro has teamed up with British Metal Recycling Association. They’ve done so to look at how the market for how we can develop non beverage aluminium packaging. There is a demand from end users.

When the new consistency scheme gets introduced, Alupro expects it to aid with foil collection. They’ve been asking for some time for regulations to standardise collections. The main thing they have discussed with consistency is that rather than saying local authorities must gather aerosols and foils, the fact councils must collect them needs advertising. This could be through stickers on a bin or online.

We understand the benefits of recyclable foils

At Foiling Services, we understand the delicate nature of using foils for decorative purposes. It requires precision to get the right results on packaging and various other items. However, the look you can achieve is unbeatable.

To get the best results, and to use the highest quality recyclable foils, work with us. We can help you create stunning products that will still be appropriate to recycle.