Advice on using foils in your designs

Foiling services are highly sought-after by individuals from across the country. However, many struggle to find a business that can produce first-rate results. Having been a part of this industry for years, we know what our customers expect from us. This makes it easy for our team to supply them with excellent solutions to their problems.

If you want to use foil in your own designs, there are certain facts you need to know. The following advice shall assist you in gaining the most from your product. It will also allow you to use the detailing to its fullest potential.

When manufacturing artwork for foil, there are several things you must comprehend. This will guarantee that your design will be successful. To begin with, you have to create designs as vector art, rather than raster or bitmap. Due to the manner in which you apply foils, you need to output the areas of foil at a resolution of 2000dpi. Anything lower can lead to uneven or jagged application.

Size recommendations

Depending on how big your design is, it’s vital for you to know that fonts have a minimum recommended size. It’s the same for other delicate elements too. Type materialises bolder in foils and lighter in ink. Therefore, it’s not recommended for you to employ very small, intricate, or fine fonts.

For the majority of fonts, the base recommended size is 8pt. For the weight of a line, the bottom recommendation is .25pt. Anyone thinking of using hairlines in foil should know that they won’t work.

At Foiling Services, the best thing about our foils is that you can introduce them to a wide variety of surfaces. This way, you will receive a far more distinguished, attractive, and vivid appearance.

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