A protective solution that won’t harm the substate material

The value of lamination cannot be overstated in today’s world, both in terms of the visual aspects and protective qualities that it offers. How well laminating performs in these areas depends largely on the skill of those undertaking the process. Fortunately, we are among the best in the business. If it is lamination services that you need we should be your number one choice.

Laminating doesn’t just involve one process to satisfy all needs, the technique is actually rather broad and complex. Different items have certain requirements that must be met when they are laminated to avoid damage. Cold roll laminators are just one of the tools that are utilised and they use a plastic film that is coated with a glossy and adhesive backing, which doesn’t adhere to glue. After removing the glossy backing, the adhesive becomes exposed and it sticks directly onto the item to be laminated.

Aside from the benefit of not requiring expensive equipment, the cold roll method is suitable for items that would otherwise be damaged by heat. The cold laminators range from simple two roller hand crank machines to larger and more complicated motor driven machines. These tend to have high precision rollers, adjustable roller pressure and a number of other useful features.

Cold lamination gained popularity alongside the rise of wide format inkjet printers, that often used inks and papers that were non-compatible with hot lamination. Quite a large percentage of cold laminate for use in the print industry is PVC, one of the materials that we ourselves work with. It’s not just this industry that finds use for the technique however; people also coat stainless steel and sheet glass with protective films.

At Foiling Services we work with a number of materials when laminating, including MDF, HIPS, ASA and ABS. We understand that you want your items to be as protected as possible and with a laminate coating, they couldn’t be any safer. If you require something that needs to be laminated, our business should be first on your list.