A little bit about what we do

Foiling Services are dedicated in providing the best lamination and foiling, specialising in decorative and functional foils. Since being established in 2005, we have gathered extensive experience in all things related to these techniques, providing our customers with excellent assistance from day one.

Foiling and laminate is everywhere; it’s what gives many surfaces an attractive and distinguished appearance. But, this is only the case if it’s done correctly and professionally. This is why you can be assured you have come to the right place to learn about the services we offer, and how they are performed correctly.

Laminate is inexpensive, and there are so many different designs to choose from! They are a fast and relatively cheap way to creating a nice work surface for your kitchen worktop for example. It’s fairly straightforward to do yourself. Having a good substrate to start with, like particleboard, will create a good base for the laminate. Affixing the material to the board is the more difficult step; because the two surfaces are coated with contact cement bond, you must get the alignment right. Make sure you allow enough laminate around the outside, because this does leave room for error.

When it comes to foiling, this method needs to be done more carefully. Depending on the surface, a mistake can ruin the material due to the fact that hot and cold temperatures are required in the process. So it is always important to check how the surface will react before doing anything. Or better yet, contact us for our expert advice and services.

Other services we offer include engraving and sign making. This process requires a lot more thought and care because it is much easier to miscalculate. Once engraving has been carried out, there is no going back if mistakes have been made. Therefore it is advised that you draw out the design first, giving you something to transfer to the material.

This was just a brief overview about some of the services we carry out. Foiling and laminating is so common, but yet not a lot of people know about it, or how to carry out the process.

If you find yourself needing any help, please don’t hesitate to contact Foiling Services.